".. We have been using Unkur now for almost 3 years with excellent results. Our hiring process involves tests and verification of the kind of communication that we'll be able to expect from the provider. Unkur was especially impressive for their communication skills. Our specs were read carefully commented on and alternatives suggested. This is no group of "Yes men" - Unkur does not promise beyond their abilities, so you get exactly what agreed on. .."

Martin Picard - CEO at Vreasy

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".. Unkur can deliver complex solutions in time while maintaining honest and direct communication.
What I liked most was the ownership they took of the product. I really have the feeling it´s ´our´ product and they care about it. A lot better than the blame and invoice oriented culture I encountered with others.
Plain and simple. At Unkur you work with guys (and girls) who like and are good at what they do. I know it´s a hard selection process but the results speak for themselves..."

Frank Hofstede - CEO at ClickMedia Group

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